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Tool Center Business

The tool center supplies various products, such as the newest indispensable tool and machine tool, various control apparatus, and a sensor, in order to manufacture high quality and high added value products.
We always think that we would like to propose the methods from both of a hardware side and a soft side to new manufacture, such as increase in efficiency of a manufacturing process, reduction of a production cost, and a proposal of an innovative manufacturing process.

  • Kikugawa Tool Center

  • Morioka Tool Center

  • SOGYO (Shanghai) Trading Co.,Ltd.

Major Items

  • Equipment and devices related to Factory Automation (Equipment for Hydraulic pressure and Pneumatic, Compact motors, Robots and etc.)
  • Material handling equipment (equipment for conveying and etc.)
  • Processing machinery (Machining Center, Milling machine, Electro Chemical Deburring Machine, High-speed drilling Electrical Discharge Machine(EDM), Electo Chemical Grinding machine, etc.)
  • Powered Equipment, Conduction equipment (Bearing equipment and etc.)
  • Parts of the mold
  • Cutting tool・Grinding tool (Carbide tool, Diamond tool, Various file, etc.)
  • Measuring equipment (Various precision measuring instruments)
  • Work tool (Power tools, pneumatic tools, polishing related products, etc.)
  • Environmental equipment (Electrostatic removal equipment, compressors, etc.)
  • Undertaking the production of special-purpose machine