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July, 1972 Tokyo Kogata Jidousya Syoukai (Co.,Ltd,) was established with the capital of 4 million yen.
November, 1972 The company name was changed into MIKUNI SOGYO CORPORATION (三國総業株式会社)
January, 1973 It became a capital of 16 million yen by capital increase.
December, 1981 MIKUNI-MAKINO CO.,LTD.(at present ACRITECH CORPORATION) was established at Oimachi, Ashigarakamigun, Kanagawa Pref.
April, 1983 The sales office “Kikugawa Tool Center” was established at Kikugawachou, Shizuoka Pref.
September, 1983 The sales office “Odawara Tool Center” was established.
March, 1984 Mikuni Living Service Coporation was established at Odawara-shi, Kanagawa Pref.
April, 1986 The Morioka tool center was established at Takizawa-Village, Iwate Pref.
April, 1987 The Taiwan branch office was established at Taipei city, Taiwan.
Sales of machines, jigs, tools, construction stores, parts, etc. was started.
Our company established TAIWAN MIKUNI SOHGYO CORPOATION of the overseas subsidiary which did 100% of investment at Taiwan, Taipei city.
January, 1994 The import sales of the rare earth from China was started.
April, 1994 The Shanghai office was established at Shanghai city, China.
December, 1999 The head office was relocated from Shinanomachi to Roppongi.
The company name was changed into MIKUNI SOGYO CORPORATION (ミクニ総業株式会社).
October, 2003 Tianjin Mikuni Makino Machinery Co.,Ltd. was founded at Tianjin city, China.
June, 2006 The capital was increased to 35 million yen.
December, 2009 SOGYO (Shanghai) Trading Co.,Ltd. was founded at Shanghai. City, China.